The World's most expensive Hotel Room is in Lebanon

September 12, 2016

Far from the main tourist destinations on the planet is the largest suite in the world, the Royal Suite of the Grand Hills Hotel. Situated in the Lebanese city of Brumana, about 20 kilometers from the capital Beirut, the palace has 4,131 m² and is registered in "Guinness Book" as the largest hotel suite in the world.

With seven floors and a capacity to comfortably accommodate 10 people, it has several rooms, as well as three living rooms, a luxurious dining room, a library and six suites.

The 4,100 m² are furnished with extreme luxury, ranging from crystal chandeliers to works of art by renowned painters and sculptors around the world. It's surrounded by gardens and the two pools for exclusive 'suíte' use.

All this luxury comes at a very hefty price tag as sleeping one night in the largest suite in the world costs $ 80 000. The problem is that to make a reservation, it is necessary to wait up to two months, as the queue to stay in place is long.

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