Rock the Casbah (Sydney Film Festival)

May 07, 2014

Director: Laïla Marrakchi 
Country: France, Morocco 
Runtime: 99 mins 
Language: French, Arabic 
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere 

The latest from writer/director Laïla Marrakchi (Marock) is a lovingly crafted family drama with a warm sense of humour. The film's ensemble cast includes some of the Middle East's finest actors including Morjana Alaoui, Nadine Labaki (Where Do We Go Now, SFF 2012), Lubna Azabal and Hiam Abbass (both from Paradise Now, SFF 2005), and the legendary Omar Sharif. The death of her father, a successful Moroccan entrepreneur, sees the fiercely independent New Yorker Sofia returning to Tangiers. There she is reunited with her grieving mother and two sisters, the beautiful but naïve Miriam and the uptight Kenza. Over the course of the traditional three-day mourning ritual, the four resilient women are forced to confront a host of long-buried family secrets that threaten to tear them apart again.

Also screens at the Travelling Film Festival Newcastle on Saturday 21 June, 6pm

(Tickets for the TFF must be purchased separately from SFF tickets)

Thu 12 Jun, 8:50 PM @State Theatre

Fri 13 Jun, 2:15 PM @ Event Cinemas George Street 4

Sat 14 Jun, 4:00 PM @ Hayden Orpheum Cremorne 4

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Classification: MA15+ 
Screenwriter: Laila Marrakchi 
Producer: Stephanie Carreras 
Cinematographer: Pierre Gantelmi D'Ille 
Editor: Jennifer Auge 
Cast: Morjana Alaoui, Nadine Labaki, Omar Sharif, Lubna Azabal, Hiam Abbass 
Company Credits: Distributor: Pinnacle Films