Inventory future global underwater city

February 04, 2011

Whether we are humans in water breathing, whether adventure mental or real demand driven, we will launch in Marine exploration, and under the sea to build new human society. Imagine that in the sea, and we have enough space available: 70 percent of the earth’s surface area is covered with water. Sea can realize people to establish various dream city’s desire, from self-sufficient utopian city, to the super modern handstand type “skyscrapers” and museums. The following lists 12 underwater city, including human real design ideas, also have some science fiction, but I sincerely hope of their existence.

1. “underwater biosphere 2″

Imagine a totally self-sufficient city, can according to need to travel to any place — from drift on the sea to infiltrate the seabed. “Underwater Biosphere 2″ (Sub Biosphere 2) is an underwater city concept, by eight life, work with farm biological communities around a large biological communities and build, the latter is to maintain the whole city operation of all the necessary facilities. Theoretically, if sufficient supplies and accurate news, “underwater biosphere 2″ number may inherit from hurricane to nuclear warfare, etc. Various kinds of disaster.

underwater biosphere 2

2. Floating skyscrapers of rotating city “-”

Technically, “rotating city” (Gyre) it doesn’t float skyscrapers, more like a “underwater scraper”. Different from our familiar towering skyscrapers, “rotating city” from a floating dropped to about 400 meters platform sea. The floating platforms have four “arms”, for the whole city provide buoyancy, for large ships provide parked in a harbor. “Rotating city” by solar, wind and wave can renewable energy sources such as drive, can accommodate a station and a with shops, restaurants, garden, parks and recreation facilities of the resort.

Floating skyscrapers of rotating city

3. Ocean city “Syph”

Building some underwater city is not to make it like can sink modern metropolis, but to become part of the Marine ecological system. Australia as jellyfish for inspiration makes the ocean city “Syph” not “buildings”, but “biology”, every “biology” to have specific tasks, such as manufacturing food or provide homes for residents.

Ocean city “Syph”

4. Trilobis 65 “underwater homeland”

Regardless of whether the future more people because they are curious or survival needs in the seabed, not everyone eager to squeeze into a large population of underwater skyscrapers or residential group. Some moneybags, like luxury people may choose to similar to the modern yacht of semi-submersible type apartment. Circular Trilobis 65 “underwater homeland” have a deck, can provide 360-degree view, price is in 4 million to $5 million ($33 million to 41 million RMB) between.

Trilobis 65 “underwater homeland”

5. Amsterdam underwater “future city”

Amsterdam long face population boom and land shortage, if global warming in rising sea levels, this problem will become more acute. Many leading ideas of architects propose to Amsterdam building a “floating future city”, such concept also can have some underwater city function.

Amsterdam underwater “future city”

6. Can self-sufficient floating “water scraper”

“The water scraper” like “rotating city” with Australian “Syph” ocean city, Mosaic, is an underwater handstand type skyscrapers, while still applied some peculiar bionics technology. From Malaysia stylist sully ADeLei said, “its feelers for Marine fauna bioluminescent provides life and gathered land at the same time, through sports collect energy.”

Can self-sufficient floating “water scraper”