Winners of the AABC Business Awards Announced

Three winners of the Australian Arab Business Council (AABC) Business Awards 2014, were
announced at the AABC Harbour Cruise dinner which was held on Saturday 8 November.

Three businesses were recognised for their outstanding achievement.

The Australian Institute of Internet Marketing Services (AIIMS) were recognised for their Excellence
in Business Innovation. AIIMS team had over the past few years made significant contributions to
the digital marketing industry and managed to set themselves ahead of their competitors. The
transformation of their business and their innovation earned them recognition by Google as one of
the highest ranking Google Partners in the customer service field. They were established with one
staff member in 2008 and have grown substantially to 67 in 2014 and their turnover multiplied 27

Mr Osman Omar of Industrial Zone was recognised for Excellence in Business Growth Strategies. Mr. Omar attained significant growth from the time he established his business in 2010 till now. With his leadership and experience in the real estate industry, he has managed over the last 2 years to increase not only the business’s staff numbers but also focused on actively engaging staff and growing their internal departments. This family owned business and staff have expanded and achieved their success by empowering their clients with knowledge, skills and advice to help them to deal directly with property matters, including: buying, selling or leasing.

Mr Peter Khoury of National Financial Advisors Pty Ltd was recognised for Entrepreneurial Excellence & Corporate philanthropy. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Mr Khoury had demonstrated vision and perseverance, as well as willingness to take calculated risks. He had high entrepreneurial capacity and was able to align the company’s resources for maximum efficiency, with particularly attention to investing in staff. More importantly is his community impact and spirit. His philanthropic and charitable activities are a fundamental element of his business success. He has also won 3 national industry awards over the past years, with this being the fourth Award.

The Calibre and the profile of the winners of the Awards go to show and the resilience of businesses in the community with a string capacity to flourish in a very difficult climate, Said Mr Hassan Moussa, AABC President. The winners are presented as role models and showcases for other businesses to follow, and in particular young people, He added.

The awards were presented at the AABC Annual Harbour Cruise which was attended by leading community businesses and their families with a full program of entertainment and food.

For Media interviews and profile of winners please call Ms Raghda Katieh on 0414 747 316 or email

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11 Nov 2014