Rob loves his home


HE HAS made a living poking fun at the characters of the west, but do not let Fat.

Pizza and Housos star Rob Shehadie’s roles fool you.

The comedian has a huge affection for the area he calls “real Australia”.

“I was born and bred and still live in the western suburbs,” Shehadie said.

“The west has shaped the person I am today, I have grown up with family all around me in the local areas of Parramatta.

“And being from the west you learn more about Sydney than you would from being in the East. In the west we travel to the east and know what’s on the other side of the Anzac bridge.”

Shehadie said seeing how both sides of the city live had made him appreciate the best the west has to offer.

“We know what the east is missing out on when it comes to great foods, big backyards, mix of cultures and as I like to call it ‘real Australia’,” Shehadie said.

“Real Australia is the down-to-earth, hard working class Aussies that are just trying to live the dream.

“Real Australia is going to the local shop/deli and picking up supplies at an affordable price and not being ripped off because you live in the East.”

Shehadie, who has successfully mined his Lebanese roots for his comedy show From Lebanon With Love parts 1 and 2, said cultural diversity was indelibly linked to the DNA of western Sydney.

“We are great on the sporting field, we are great for the foods we have on offer, we are great for the rich diverse society and what they bring to the areas, we are great across the board.

Shehadie said he hopes this greatness is recognised.

“I was born a westy, I am a westy and will always be a westy no matter where I am in the world.”

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24 Mar 2015

By Parramatta Advertiser | Lillian Saleh