National Geophysical Center Refutes 'Destructive Earthquake' Rumors

Lebanon's state-run National Center for Geophysical Research (NCGR) on Monday dismissed social media rumors about an alleged “destructive earthquake” that might hit Lebanon.

“Social media is circulating reports about the inevitability of the occurrence of a destructive earthquake between today and tomorrow,” the Center said in a statement.

“The National Council for Scientific Research-affiliated NCGR clarifies that it has not issued a statement in this regard and emphasizes that these rumors have no scientific basis,” the Center added.

“Accordingly, the Center reminds that it is impossible to predict any type of seismic fault activity,” it underlined.

Several Lebanese regions were jolted Wednesday by a 4.3-magnitude earthquake whose epicenter was identified as Lake Tiberias, or the Sea of Galilee, near Syria's occupied Golan Heights.


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10 Jul 2018