Prestons couple to be married by Microsoft

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December 08, 2010 By SHEREE MUTTON

A Prestons groom-to-be will organise his wedding using only the internet after winning a Microsoft competition.

Michael Najm, 30 and his fiancee Jenny Romero, 27, were the winners of the computer giant’s social experiment known as the ‘Microsoft Marry Me’ challenge.

Mr Najm now has to plan their big day from a ''Bachelor Bubble'' in Circular Quay, using only Microsoft technology and $25,000 spending money.

The challenge began on Monday and will run through to Friday.

He is using a Windows 7 PC, loaded with Office 2010 and an internet connection, while his bride is pampered during a five day luxury holiday on the Gold Coast.

There will be no contact between them during this time.

Ms Romero said she has complete confidence in her future husband in organising their dream wedding.

''He has very good taste and is very organised,'' Ms Romero said.

''He will have access to the best tools from Microsoft to pull off this challenge and with all the materials and the help of the Australian public, I think he can pull it off.''

Mr Najm is not so certain.

''I want to make it her dream day and my dream day, so it will be hard but Microsoft technology will make it easier,'' Mr Najm said.

Mr Najm said being stuck in the ''Bachelor Bubble'' without any contact to his future bride will be the hardest part of the challenge.

''Being in the bubble is going to be a challenge in itself... I miss her all the time and we plan everything together,'' he said.

Microsoft Australia’s marketing director for consumer and online, Lisa Hickson said the challenge was about pushing boundaries.

''We are trying to take a real life scenario and turn tradition on its head,'' Ms Hickson said.

''Primarily the woman organises everything for a wedding, but we are trying to say that with today’s technology anything is possible.''

''It will be hard because Mike won't be able to taste a cake or touch the silk of a dress... but he will be able to use webcam and Windows Live Chat to look through venues and hold band auditions if he wants,'' she said.

Ms Hickson said Microsoft was confident Mr Najm and Ms Romero will have a fantastic December wedding.

''This challenge has broadened the search, possibilities and the regions for the wedding, and I'm sure it will result in the most amazing outcome.''

The wedding must be held before December 27, 2010.

Mr Najm chose the Grand Royale in Granville as his reception venue today.

To follow the action or submit proposals of weddings suppliers, visit the Facebook page;

You can visit the ''Bachelor Bubble'' outside Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney.

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