Lebanese TV Crew Shot Dead Attempting To Kidnap Brisbane School Kids

"This isn't Beirut!"

An entire Lebanese television crew have been shot dead during an alleged kidnapping of two children in Brisbane today.

The four-member crew was among nine people, including the children’s Lebanese father, Falli Salkneer, who were shot and killed by police over the incident this morning.

Surveillance video purportedly shows the moment members of a so-called child recovery agency snatched the children, Nahlea, 6 and Loah, 4, from a North Brisbane bus stop.

Brisbane police says the children were later found and returned their mother, Allie Adams, who, according to Salkneer, were taken from Lebanon to their home country of Australia and kept there without his permission.

Speaking to media today, the children’s mother says it was a shame to see her estranged ex partner taken out by Australian police in a blaze of gunfire, but hopes that now people can see why she was trying to keep them away from him.

“Anyone who’s prepared to take a film crew and an abduction agency to the other side of the world in an attempt to film a dramatic kidnapping, probably isn’t a very good parent,”

“I wish it didn’t have to happen that way, but there were plenty of other options for him outside of blatantly kidnapping my children with a sensationalist TV news crew in the car”

Local onlooker, Ken Glasson (56) says the attempted kidnappers got exactly what they deserved.

“Mate you can’t just pull up at a bus stop and kidnap kids. I don’t care who you are”

“Doesn’t matter where you are from either. If you pull that shit… either expect to go to prison or got to the morgue,”

“This isn’t Beirut!”

Local authorities believe these incident won’t take too much paperwork because Lebanese nationals are treated slightly less seriously than Australians.

Source: http://www.betootaadvocate.com 

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15 Apr 2016