A Lebanese Experience from a Foreigners Eyes!

We always forget about the beauty that surrounds us, about the music that we no longer hear and the nights that we take for granted, maybe even call them routine-ish!

We spend our weekdays stuck in traffic on our way to work, college, or school cursing the day and building up anger and stress. We blame this country and our system. It's true, some things could be better but it's not the worst. This country's perseverance is incredible.

Lebanon has survived so many wars, so many bullsh*t but we never let it get to us. Outsiders might not know this little country, some might think it's hazardous. However, at the end of the tunnel shines a little of hope that there are still people that sees beyond all the trash, politics and negativity. Lebanon is so much more than that... if only more people see it from the eyes of a foreigner.

Nick Marino, an American, decided to give Beirut a visit and indulge on this experience himself. According to his article, he was not disappointed! We are going to quote something he said about his 3 days stay here because it's worth sharing, to remind the readers of a different Lebanon.

He said and we quote: "I spent three nights in Beirut this spring, and the only time I ever felt unsafe was when my Uber driver couldn't figure out his GPS. Yes, the city was once wracked by civil war, but that war ended 27 years ago. Beirut today is a gorgeous place, a picture of cosmopolitanism, with a promenade along the Mediterranean Sea and maybe the best nightlife I've ever witnessed. The weather's balmy. The food's incredible. You should go."

I don't know about you, but this made us feel a bit unappreciative of what we have. Right here. Right now. This Country. It may not be as perfect as you want it to be, but it has bruises, scars and war marks to prove to you that it is stronger than whatever tried to hurt it.

We are glad that we came across Nick's article, to remind us of OUR Lebanon. The one we abandoned or are abandoning!

Lebanon is still considered one of the best places to party, enjoy your youth and fill your bellies!!  I bet we all met people from around the world that had good things to say about Lebanon. Whether it's about the food, weather, nightlife, friendly citizens or scenery.

So, here's a questions for you...What Would #YOU Say?!

Check out Nick Marino's Article About #OURLebanon: 

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19 May 2017