A paradise on earth!

Adventures in Lebanon will take you to hike & swim in the splendid wild nature of Jannet Chouwen valley and river, located in Ftouh Keserwan and 40 Km away from Beirut on an altitude of 600 m.

Jannet Chouwen, is one of the most picturesque places in Jbeil Caza, The stream that runs down from the mountain flows in "Nahr-lbrahim" known as the river of the god Adonis, (river of immortal love).

In Jannet Chouwen you will experience the pleasure of hiking in the majestic nature, mixed forests with oak, pine and many other plant species, until we reach its marvelous lake known as Jannet Chouwen. There, one may relax by the lake under the shade of the trees and enjoy the sound of the water, and others may benefit from the clean transparent water for a swim. So make sure to bring your swimsuit with you and sandals.

Hiking trip is about 3 hours and is considered Moderate level during down slopes and advanced level during up slopes, during which we will be resting for some photo shooting in the marvelous wild nature. 

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16 Oct 2018